The first wine released from our new cellar.  The Poolside is a great way to see what our harvest was like . Spice and melon with great acidity make this a beautiful little wine.  Picked in the cool of morning from Syrah in Vine Vale.  One bottle may not be enough..

Current release:

"She’s my favourite wine YEAH”. Sitting in the car in 2015 with David Brooks, a young man named Michael and a friend of ours Edgar, hurtling towards the big smoke, bottles in hand yet still without name. She looked like a French grape variety ‘Poulsard’ from eastern France, smelt delicate and pretty like a spring morning and was so drinkable you could already see the level falling in the tank from the previous few weeks of consumption. “Can you imagine sitting by a pool full of water drinking this little baby”. The Autumn sun was still warm, it was moving into the Golden hour and we needed a name for this little lass. We just had to do it. It all made sense. Could we ever do it again, who knows but for now we shall call her Poolside. She went off like a frog in a Sock and from that harvest on, I have tried my best to make our favourite little girl each year. Hailing all the way from sandy Vine Vale.

Poolside 2021
$36 / 750ml
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