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2016 Rose

Current release: 2016

In the past Grenache has not been my strong point.  I love rose all year round.  There are not many times in a season I wouldn't drink a bottle of rose.  This expression we have made in 2016 is from old Grenache vines planted in the 1920's.  Picked while fruit is still bright and fresh and fermented and aged in an old wooden cask for 12 months before bottling, this little gem is all yum.  Always dry and never sweet with just a hint of colour coming from the skins. Enjoy her now while you still can.  2660 bottles made.

Rose 2016
$32 / 750ml
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  • Region Vine Vale Barossa Valley
  • Variety Grenache
  • Alcohol 12.4%
  • Production 2660 bottles
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