Handmade, natural wines from South Australia.

Our wines are made as naturally as possible — using the wild yeasts that are part of each vineyard's ecosystem, and adding only a tiny amount of sulphur before bottling.

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Special cases

We've got a small number of six bottle cases, showing the best from the Didier, Didi and Shobbrook labels, plus a hand-picked six pack from Lucy Margaux available. Or, you can buy both together and save 40 bucks.

  • Shobbrook and Domaine Lucci Dozen

    Save $40 and get both six-packs, delivered, for $360. Includes all the wines from the Shobbrook and Domaine Lucci six-packs, below.

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  • Shobbrook Six

    For $200, delivered anywhere in Australia, this season's six-pack includes:

    • Didi Giallo 2011 Best natural wine, Adelaide Review top 100
    • Shobbrook Eden Valley Riesling 2011
    • Shobbrook Ebenezer Mourvedre 2011
    • Shobbrook Nouveau 2011
    • Didier Movese 2012
    • Tommy Ruff 2011
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This is a new range of wines from both fruit from our vineyard at home and fruit from some beautiful growers. The idea behind the Didier label is to show purity. Wines that are beautifully structured and food loving with a French influence. This first 2012 release has come by surprise, and we're seeing wines of under 12.5% alc. They show the true journey through an interesting season.

  • Didier Cinsault 2012

    A beautiful tiny parcel of fruit from 90 year old vines in the Vine Vale area of the Barossa. Usually used as a blening variety in the southern Rhone and with such large berries and thin skins I thought I knew why. I was wrong. The berries - which would not be out of place on a cheese plate - have produced this delicate little number. Served at any temperature you like it's smashing, oh and it's all gone.

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  • Didier Carignan 2012

    This vineyard in Vine Vale of sand over clay produces a few little gems. This Carignan is no exception. It's another of the southern Rhone blenders, but we've seen some depth and richness from these tiny little berries. Again like the Cinsault she is all gone. Next year hopefully there will be a couple of extra barrels about.

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  • Didier Movese 2012

    Coming from unknown 14th varietal of the southern Rhone, mentioned by the pope in 1216, a great vintage this is movese. Phylloxera killed any old plantings left in France but Busby saved the day bringing out some cuttings to plant in the Sydney botanical gardens.

    This is one story I think may be slightly unbelievable. The one I find a bit more likely is that Mourvèdre juice from Ebenezer was fermented on top of Sangiovese skins to produce this wonderful little wine.

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  • Didier Syrah 2012

    With only 280 bottles produced, this Syrah from our red clay at home has everything I've been looking for in this grape. Light spice leads through to supple hints of fennel and anise. Hints of cloves linger as this light reddish liquid slides further and further down. Drink tomorrow or cellar until you can't wait anymore.

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The Didi label is a fun little label of a very fun and experimental range of wines. I have taken what I learned for many years in Italy and have created my own little Italy right here at home. We start with some whites on skins in both wood and clay with our 3rd release of Giallo.

  • Didi Giallo 2012

    3rd Overall, Adelaide Review Hot 100

    Best natural wine, Adelaide Review Hot 100

    Three years in and the style is tightening. Indian spice one beautiful young women suggested the other day, sits up above spring elderflowers. This is a Savvy for lovers. She gives it all with a little dash of tannin coming from some time on skins.

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  • Didi Novello 2011

    Finially our Novello 2011 is here. My love of Italy shines through with this amazing little wine. I want to write made in Italy but she is not. Two beautiful varieties, Sangiovese and Nebbiolo, splashed together to form one great love. $22 retail. Love with me before someone else does.

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  • Didi Nebbiolo 2010

    Lucky an order to the Americas never left. I have a few cases of this great little example of Australian Nebbiolo. We see the typical tar and roses but a fineness of tannin and length I haven't seen before. This is the last of our Nebbiolo for a few years as we have a new site coming into play in the 2013 season. Not enough Nebbiolo was picked in 2012 to make both this and our Piniolo.

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  • Didi Piniolo 2012

    When you're picking grapes you often think "that will be enough to fill a barrel". Well I was wrong in 2010. So wrong I was right. What would you drink if you lived in a place halfway between Burgundy and Piedmont? A place where you'd find the marriage of two nobles.

    The wine you'd drink would have to be Piniolo. The caressing softness of Pinot and the firm tannins of the Nebbiolo make what should be wrong, so right.

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  • Didi Il Fiore no. 2

    Working long hours on the farm can cause mistakes. Mistakes like turning the wrong way in a one way street, dropping a fermenter off the edge of the veranda or even pressing your Giallo into barrel and forgetting to top it right up. Months pass and the seasons change. You recover from a grape overload and start looking at what the season held. A barrel only half filled covered by a layer a cream coloured flor.

    I push my syphon hose through the flor and draw the first drizzle of what is too become Il Fiore, the flower. She has shone.

    Every year I draw 60 bottles off from under the flor and top with some new wine hoping I have not killed her. Hopefully we see you next year.

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The Shobbrook label is a group of wines made showing great energy and strength from the vineyards. I love to grow things and wine became the greatest way to preserve my story for that year. A diary if you like. The season has been trapped in a bottle for years to come. The wines change every year as I learn more about their place, their home and how to care for them.

  • Shobbrook Riesling 2012

    An amazing vineyard in Eden Valley planted sometime in the early sixties. Seasoned vines having fought from the beginning produce beautiful little berries. Berries that have an amazing acidity and build wines of great length. Because of this I ferment them in a large ceramic wine jar.

    The pink quartz scattered throughout the vineyard bring light. The wind brings rain and hopefully by the end of February we start picking.

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  • Shobbrook Syrah 2011

    From our beautiful little vineyard in Seppeltsfield we harvest a small portion of our Syrah to make something that shows the red soils it comes from. 2011 was like being back in Tuscany. A wet spring led to a wet summer which lead to a wet harvest. A bit like my friend in the Yarra who, whenever I call, is either doing spreadsheets or it's raining. He hates spreadsheets.

    We pick the best fruit we can, passing twice through the vineyard. What results is something that shows our journey through the season.

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  • Shobbrook Merlot 2012

    "Mum - don't plant Cabernet." These were my last words to a phone call one day. Four years later I returned from Italy to find a vineyard of Merlot. "I'm not making Merlot from there", I said.

    Mum does my books and it didn't take long for me to be making her some Merlot. Each year we make a barrel of Merlot. Mum drinks a few bottles and the rest are sold. That's life on the farm. The Merlot grows on red brown earth across from the cellar. Who would have thought - I love it.

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  • Shobbrook Mourvèdre 2011

    My journey has shown me many things and I have met many people. One of those people is Anton Van Klopper "the count". Find him. Try his wines.

    In 2010 I started making some wines with no addition of sulphur. What resulted was wines of purity and of a place. This delicate little Mourvèdre from 2011 looks great. The fruit comes from Ebenezer in the northern Barossa. Have a glass and finish the bottle. She looks the best on day of opening.

    $35.00 Sold Out
  • Tommy Ruff Syrah Mourvèdre 2011

    My little Tommy Ruff. A nickname at school lead to a second label under the Shobbrook. This wine allows my Syrah and Mourvèdre to be their best.

    The Tommy Ruff makes bike rides home a blast. Pull the cork, take a swig and watch as the bottle somehow evaporates. I love this wine and since her first vintage in 2007 I have tried to take you on a journey through seasons. The wine has evolved from something fun and plush to something more refined and expressive. It's changed with the people - with you.

    Drink the Tommy Ruff in a lane or on a plane. Taste the marriage of Syrah and Mourvèdre. Enjoy them for that moment and think back at the season that was.

    $26.00 Sold Out

Press & Reviews

  • Jancis Robinson on the 2009 Seppeltsfield Syrah  29th April, 2011
    Lustrous crimson. Very sweet and rich and beautifully balanced. But great freshness on the finish. Vibrant finish. So very different from most Barossa Valley Shirazes. Ah, I see it's a Syrah! Really very fine. Meaty, savoury finish. But with a great ‘smoothed’ texture. Ambient yeast. A caressing wine.
  • Alice Feiring - Tom Shobbrook Takes Manhattan.  November, 2010
    Take a look at their site and see the mad energy. They are in that nascent moment where everything is possible and positive and their velocity searing. They've attracted huge attention&emdash;at least on their home turf. Tom in his first Shobbrook vintage became Gourmet Traveler's winemaker on the rise of the year, proof that Australia is craving something real to drink.
  • Natural wonders - Huon Hooke.  August, 2010
    Shobbrook seems like a quality man: he's worked in quality wineries such as Riecine in Tuscany (for five years) and isn't interested in faulty wine.
  • Jeni Port - Natural Selection Theory.  February, 2010
    All you need know is that there is a change coming to world winemaking and it is largely in response to … suspicious-sounding winemaking technologies, the kind that Australian and other New World winemakers have generally prided themselves on.
    Should we call it a movement?
  • Max Allen - Wine, It's a Natural.  March, 2009
    Tom Shobbrook in the Barossa and Anton van Klopper in the Adelaide Hills are banging the Natural Wines drum. And it’s a deep, resounding rhythm, too. Over lunch recently – various things shot, caught, grown and gathered by the two winemakers – Tom and Anton opened their latest bottles. The wines were just gorgeous.

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