Shobbrook Wines

Tom Shobbrook makes wines at Seppeltsfield, in the Barossa Valley. Natural wines, made by hand from organic and biodynamically grown fruit.

  • Sammion

    Will show some cloudiness in the glass. If this is a problem for you then you could always drink in the dark.

    2016 $32 / Bottle
    Mid square sammion square
  • Riesling

    Lees help build some width and a light flor allows her to gain some added depth. Good now but she will also keep for the adventurers.

    2016 $32 / Bottle

    Sold out

    Mid square riesling square
  • Giallo

    Yummy and fun with lovely aromatics and a beautiful acid tail lifted by the Riesling.

    2016 $38 / Bottle
    Mid square giallo square
  • Novello

    An amazingly slurpable red wine which both your nonna and your daughter could enjoy. I suppose it depends on the age of your nonna.

    2015 $32 / Bottle
    Mid square novello square
  • Tommy Ruff

    She is good in almost any situation from early morning drinking right through to sips before bed time.

    2015 $25 / Bottle
    Mid square tommy ruff square
  • Tommy Field

    You lose track of time during harvest. I keep everything up in the old scone so I do tend to lose something every now and then.

    2015 $36 / Bottle
    Mid square tommy field square
  • Clarott

    A play on words with the old claret - Merlot with a splash of Shiraz in an old time Australian style

    2015 $25 / Bottle
    Mid square clarott square
  • Shiraz

    Pull the cork, take a sip and allow her to open up over the next few hours.

    2015 $60 / Bottle
    Mid square shiraz square
  • Cider

    Sometimes it just has to be done.

    2015 $12.50 / Bottle
    2015 $7 / 375ml bottle
    Mid square cider
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